TABU LIFE and TABU CBD are wholly owned subsidiaries of TABU EQUITY INVESTMENTS INC. Their function is to acquire or manufacture nutritional products, nutritional products with CBD and recreational marijuana products. 

TABU has arranged for distribution through a Canadian agency under contract to fill a high percentage of shelf space in Canadian stores, with nutritional products. It includes products with CBD and other important nutrients, placed on the shelves of over 2000 stores and kiosks. Our retail distributor has already examined the product sheet and has specifically asked for certain TABU LIFE products. The company has also received a commitment from a Canadian company specializing in distribution through government owned stores and centralized government centres in Canada. Of course all products to be released will be based on stringent Health Canada regulations. More information will be announced shortly.

Navigating the ever changing compliance and regulations around cannabis and CBD has been a challenge, but TABU is committed to study, work with and build on these news rules in this expanding industry. By 2019 when drinks and foods with THC and CBD are expected to be allowed, the product line will be expanded dramatically. TABU is looking to develop tasty drinks, chewing gums and other fine products that will fit into this new classification as its announced. Products for everyday consumers and professional athletes are also being planned.

TABU has relationships with grow/lab facilities already, allowing for TABU products to land on shelves prior to the company establishing its own facility. These locations will be developing and manufacturing all of TABU’s products. These will include Tabu branded products, and we are considering new premier brands. TABU choses to and insists on good genetics, stable delivery and chemical free products. 




SPLIFFIN has become an icon in Los Angeles. With sales increasing to well over $20,000,000 USD last year, the company has agreed to enter into an agreement with Tabu to launch SPLIFFIN CANADA. All of the branded products developed in California will be manufactured in Canada. SPLIFFIN is known as the APPLE of cannabis, with its keen eye for design and aesthetics, along with a high level of quality. All SPLIFFIN products should be considered premium just as the branding represents. No expense was spared, art meets science when it comes to the SPLIFFIN line. The company has developed a full compliment of oils and pens, specifically designed for the needs of patients. SPLIFFIN CANADA will launch with its own state of the art lab and grow facility in order to offer its full product line for this market and for export world wide. SPLIFFIN USA will also provide 75% of all financing required, for the construction of a grow facility in Canada, including financing for subsequent expansion over several years. This will be Tabu’s core project, adding tremendous value to Tabu as well as a quality supply of products to the company’s lab and partners.


Tabu Life produces nutritional products with and without CBD. Products are produced in Canada at local facilities and disturbed across the country through the companies sales agents. Tabu Life will also distribute rechargeable vape pens, pre-rolled joints, flower by the gram and pre-packs of flower. Tabu Life is expected to begin shipping in November of this year. TABU LIFE will manufacture through a BC based company specializing in nutraceuticals and well established in Canada. Products will be sold in retail stores, distributed under an agreement with Canadian distributors. Products will also be sold in dispensaries across Canada. A partial list of products is below:

  • All in one Nutritional Powder
  • Mass Weight Gain
  • Chocolate protein powder
  • Vanilla protein powder
  • Maxiflex
  • Joint Less Pain
  • Glucosamine
  • Maxiflex
  • Lecitin
  • Colon Clear
  • Vision Aide
  • Liver Cleanse
  • Advance liver detox
  • Lung clear
  • Lung Aide
  • Brain Boost
  • Memory Boost
  • Immune boost
  • Vegan Protein

Tabu Life will be working on the integration of CBD into many of its products, based on Health Canada rules and regulations. The company will distribute its products across Canada through its existing relationships.


TABU has decided to establish a subsidiary focused on the production of high grade CBD to be sold Globally in bulk. The facility is yet to be established but is in the planning stages. This will be a significant investment for TABU, but it also represents an opportunity to be a premier manufacturer of CBD in Canada. The demand for medical grade and chemical free CBD is significant and is an opportunity for TABU to expand its brand in other areas. Production will be based on existing and future Health Canada rules and regulations which are complicated and ever changing.
TABU CBD products will be created under strict quality controls. Our product will be completely pesticide and heavy metal free, and manufactured using Super Critical + technology, bringing to the user the highest quality product available today.


Tabu is negotiating an agreement to develop lounge and spa projects in the United States using the Tabu brand and its products. The first project being considered is a boutique hotel/spa located in the Miami, Florida area. The Wynwood project in Miami, will be the first of several planned by both Tabu and its development partner and will include a 150 room hotel, spa and lounge. The spa and lounge sections of the hotel will be designed exclusively by Tabu and designers from Tabu’s “Artist Series”. The product line will include Tabu Life, Health Well and other fine products from local manufacturers. The project was initiated by a New York based hotel developer, more information will be made available as the project progresses.


TABU has signed an agreement to acquire up to 100% of a Canadian Cannabis Retail Corporation. As part of the deal, TABU will rollout and  acquire additional retail stores in North America and EU. The companies will co-brand certain locations and as well will be examining franchise expansion and corporate expansion in North America and EU. Tabu recognizes the importance of having an interest in the retail side of the supply chain. TABU’s “Artist Series” will play a roll in the establishment of retail lounges and stores in Canada. Famous artist’s will design certain aspects of TABU’s retail locations making TABU stores an exciting destination for locals and travellers alike. Municipal rules are still not in place in most cities, but TABU intends to be a major player in this regard once rules and laws are in place.


Health Well is a Health and Wellness Company Established in Vancouver, Canada to provide individuals with the best quality supplements possible focusing on being proactive in health management and maintenance. Health Well produces protein powders and sport supplements and presently expanding our food product line. The company uses natural ingredients and FDA and Health Canada certified ingredients.

Health Well exports protein powders, supplements and energy drinks to Asia where there is a growing market for products that are Made in Canada. The company has recently added a medical grade CBD component. Tabu Life believes this enhances its natural medicine portfolio and positions it to be a leader in innovative ways to serve consumers health.

Tabu understands that consumers are looking for pure products manufactured under the highest standards. When consumers are unable to derive all of their nutrients given their busy lifestyles, Health Well and Tabu Life will be there to ensure that they are able to eat well, live well and maintain their health.


Haibir is medical marijuana first and only Ai application solving customer needs, education and delivery in one easy step.Until recently, Ai has played a major role in helping people save manual labour, accelerate automation, and digitizing economy with considerably cheap prices. According to recent reports from PwC, global GDP will be increasing by 14% in 2030, with the help of Ai.Haibir’s core Ai technology gives it a unique edge to everything else on the market. Built by some of the smartest minds in the field, Haiber’s code is designed to perform 3 major functions. NLP, NLU and ML.

NLP Natural Language Processing
Haibir searches for relevant information across on the platform using its NLP functionality. This process automatically extracts, classifies and categories similar information while cross-referencing fundamentals like similar user data across the same age, sex, frequencies, and preferences.

Eg. You can ask it – ‘Haiber. what would I like?”. Haiber would then look at your profile, pair it with customers similar to you, Age, sex, frequency of ordering and a multitude of different reference points and then provide you with a list of options based on that.

NLU Natural Language Understanding
Haibir listens to what you’re asking for it by using a customized NLU algorithm, that is arguably groundbreaking. This allows us to capture a users intention with context, classify it properly before processing the request. Our algorithm is designed to capture full sentences rather than keyword focused analysis. A complex process of understanding the intent of the question is based on a number of variables. We teach the system these variables through days of interaction, foundation building and eventually, the machine learning process will become functional.

Eg. – One example based on product or benefits searched, ex-Im looking for increased focus and stress relief, and it will pick up increase focus and reduce stress and match it based on keywords in product descriptions.

ML Machine Learning
Our Ai interprets what you’re asking for as structured queries while learning patterns, and usable metrics – using an Artificial Intelligence powered by a supervised Machine-Learning algorithm. Haiber is then able to make recommendations by learning from previous interactions based on a timing factor.

Eg. – Haiber knows you reorder every 7 days and its mostly around close time. Proactively, Haiber will send you a reorder option 1 day before you normally order with it already filled out. All you have to do is accept the order, this makes it convenient and less time-consuming.


There are few finer things in life, beside family and community, than delicious food paired with amazing alcoholic beverages, enhanced with specifically-chosen cannabis products, usually with a killer musical playlist in the background. Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2018, The Planter’s Guide is an online magazine where these essential elements are celebrated daily, as fundamental pieces of our experiential life palette, best enjoyed with friends and family.


Tabu is currently in the midst of negotiating and licensing a special series of artist branded products, such as pre-rolls, vape products and other recreational products, both here and in the United States, with an eye toward future sales in Europe.
The Artist Series will involve some of the most current and recognized names in the art world and will be an exciting addition to the companies product line. Designers and artists will also participate in the creation of retail and lounge locations in Canada and the United States. More information will be announced as it becomes available.


By bringing individuals, business resources, and tasks altogether in a single, integrated system, TrackurStaff gives you understanding into the components that make a team or project fruitful, the zones that are powerless, and approaches to enhance overall efficiencies. Managers can plan and deliver capital, billable, or internal projects, for example, IT and R&D activities, and also projects that have promoted costs. Furthermore, TrackurStaff is consistently integrated with the whole suite of cloud applications.

Trackurstaff provides transparency into the status of the team’s work. You can finally feel peace of mind knowing where everything stands. And cutback the amount of time you spend preparing executive updates with everything already tracked for you in Trackurstaff.

With web app and extensions for 10+ platforms, your tasks are always there: web browsers, inboxes, and more. They create a task, and the program automatically tracks time and screenshots for this task. This information is then securely saved for you to see in real time. No spying and finally your employees are in control.

Tabu and are working together to develop these services and technologies for all industries including the cannabis space. Specifically, the company will be developing systems for both the grower and regulators to monitor and track the process from start to finish, ensuring that all parties remain compliant throughout the entire process.