Canada cannabis legalization is the next big growth catalyst for marijuana stocks. That’s because only 13% of the $6.7 billion in marijuana sales in North America in 2016 were from Canada. But that will change in 2017. As part of his 2015 campaign, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised marijuana reform in Canada. That’s because the majority of Canadians want recreational marijuana use legalized. When Canada goes recreational July 1st, 2018, Canadian cannabis companies will have fewer legal hurdles regarding the recreational market. That means they can be more profitable and focus on growing sales.

According to Olivia Mannix, a co-founder of a marketing agency called Cannabrand- “Now that marijuana has been legalized, we have the opportunity to market it to a mainstream audience.” Historically and currently, medical cannabis makes its way to the legal market in one of three ways: individual cannabis brokers and middlemen, informal cannabis products distribution arrangements, or purchasing cannabis products directly from growers and manufacturers. These models, which have evolved out of necessity, have grown to become the industry standard for distribution in an unregulated (or under- regulated) industry.

In the U.S. quickly changing laws and shifting attitudes towards consumption of marijuana and related marijuana products provides a great opportunity for
cannabis related businesses to expand their operations. In the United States, the legalization of marijuana has been moving at a rapid speed in recent years as
states and territories across the nation have adopted regulations to allow marijuana for the medical or recreational use.
In early 2016, marijuana legalization in the US reached a new height: medical marijuana became legal in half of the 50 states. The 2016 US election brought
more US states into the lime light: Now 8 states and Washington, D.C., allow adult-use recreational marijuana; 28 states have approved medical marijuana

Increasing Support for Full Legalization

A substantial majority of Americans now think marijuana should be legal, according to a Gallup poll released in October 2013. Support surged to 58 percent in favour, a ten-point increase since 2012. This record level of support reflects accelerating momentum in favour of legalization, as further evidenced by the passage of new marijuana regulations in some states and by multiple law reform initiatives underway in others. Full state legalization, in the form of both
medical use patients and adult use state laws, has been an elusive goal of marijuana proponents for many years. The landmark implementation of adult use regulations, whereby all adults 21 and older could legally purchase cannabis from licensed retailers in the states of Washington and Colorado become a reality in 2014 and changed the cannabis industry forever.

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Canada cannabis legalization is the next big growth catalyst for marijuana stocks.

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